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    From the Dog Breeding Reform group's inaugural meeting...

    DBRG 2017
    22 October 2017 at 13:18:18

    Lecture - video and slides

    Terms and concepts...Multifactorial traits,  Genetic factors, Environmental factors, Threshold effect, Lafora’s disease, MWHD, Degenerative Myelopathy, whole breed management, Simple (single gene), Complex, Single gene disorder, Simple autosomal recessive, Homozygous clear, Heterozygote (carrier), Homozygous affected, coat colours, incompletely penetrant autosomal recessive, Complex inheritance, Polygenic traits, Wobblers, Diagnostic test may expensive and/or inconclusive, Effect of environment / other factors, standards, epigenetics, immune mediated disease and more...


    Dog Breeding Reform group's inaugural meeting - Lecture and Slidestackling inherited disease.png

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Thank you so very, very much for including this lecture on your website. Such an important video for newer and older breeders alike.

As a long time breeder of a rare, restricted genetic pool breed (curly coated retrievers), your website and your sharing of information is priceless. 

Janean Marti

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