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DogWellNet.com: At A Glance

    DogWellNet.com, the internet platform of the IPFD, functions as an information hub, providing links, documents and additional resources to breeders and others in the dog world. However, it is much more than ‘Google-for-dogs’.


    Our Online Platform: DogWellNet.com

    dwnipfdlogo-2-12-2018-250px-x-100px.pngThe design and structure of the platform revolves around ‘building community’ – bringing people together. This is being accomplished both by the way the IPFD has developed the site, e.g., sharing information from our Partners, as well as the functionality inherent in its design (for example, our Forums, where groups can effectively communicate, share information, reach consensus, etc.).  Another collaborative resource is our Breeds Database where we provide information on breeds, including health, welfare, and breeding information, from around the world, often including contributions from Breed Clubs from various countries.

    As IPFD is dedicated to sharing information with the whole "dog world" - beyond our Partners and their communities, unregistered guests can access significant amounts of content on the site. Guests can sign up for a free Member account to access some additional content and features on the website and participate more fully with other Members. Invited Members and Advanced Members (in general, those recommended by one of our Partners or Sponsors) may be granted additional privileges to help us create and maintain content.

    DogWellNet.com At-a-Glance:

    DWN laptop.pngThe following sections of the site can be accessed via links in the main horizontal navigation bar:

    The Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs section includes a searchable Quality Testing Database, Genetic Counselling Resources and other information related to the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD) initiative. This area can only be accessed by DogWellNet.com Members (sign up here).

    Our Breeds area provides information on Pedigreed Breeds, Native Breeds and Additional Breed Resources.

    The Articles section is organized under the following headings:

    Our Forums section contains areas for general discussion, along with specialty forums, working group forums and administrative forums. Access to specific forums is dependent on Member status and participation in various IPFD activities.

    Our Blogs section include blogs from IPFD staff, Partners, and other collaborators.

    The Downloads and Gallery sections provide documents and images for download. Access to content is dependent on Member status.

    Our Contributors area includes profiles of Partners, Sponsors, and other organizations that support IPFD. These stakeholders exemplify and  

    We offer a collection of helpful tips for using DogWellNet.com (account setup, site navigation, etc.) in our Help Desk area.



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