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IPFD International Dog Health Workshops

    The International Dog Health Workshops are biennial events designed to bring together stakeholders in dog health, well-being and welfare, and foster collaboration on an international scale.

    The 1st International Dog Health Workshop (IDHW) was organized by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) and held in June 2012 in Stockholm. The 2nd IDHW was co-hosted by IPFD and the German Kennel Club (VDH) and held in Dortmund, Germany in February 2015. The 3rd IDHW was co-hosted by IPFD and French Kennel Club (SCC) in Paris in Spring 2017. The 4th IDHW was co-hosted by the Kennel Club in Windsor, UK in 2019.

    The next IDHW will take place in 2021. Stay tuned for details!

    Click the links below to view resources from past IDHWs:


    1st IDHW.png



    2012: 1st International Dog Health Workshop, hosted by the Swedish Kennel Club, Stockholm, Sweden






    2nd IDHW.png


    2015: 2nd International Dog Health Workshop, co-hosted by the German Kennel Club (VDH), in Dortmund, Germany








    2017: 3rd International Dog Health Workshop, co-hosted by the French Kennel Club (SCC), Paris, France







    2019: 4th International Dog Health Workshop, co-hosted by the Kennel Club, Windsor, UK





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