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Overview of the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD)

    The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD), legally registered in Sweden, is a non-profit organization and its mission is to facilitate collaboration and sharing of resources to enhance the health, well-being and welfare of pedigreed dogs and all dogs worldwide. 




    Several national Kennel Clubs (Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Norway, the UK and the USA (AKC)) and other stakeholders in dog health [The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (USA) and the Agria Pet Insurance-SKC Fund (Sweden)] have made formal, multi-year commitments to move this work forward. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI, who represents 91 national kennel clubs) is an Initiating Patron and Member; the Irish KC is a partner; VetCompass (UK) is a collaborating sponsor. 


    The IPFD is open, inclusive and transparent in its structure and function.  We are working to engage more Partners from throughout the world, including additional cynological organizations, professional and academic groups, welfare organizations and corporate/industry partners.  


    The first meeting of the Board of the International Partnership for Dogs was held on Thursday, 28th August 2014 at the Kennel Club in London. The Board is comprised of Pekka Olson (Chair, Sweden), Caroline Kisko (Vice Chair, UK), Eddie Dziuk (USA), Peter Friedrich (Germany), Jean-Pierre Genevois (France), Alan Kalter (USA), Patricia Olson (USA), and Kirsi Sainio (Finland). Brenda Bonnett (Canada) is the Chief Executive Officer, and Ulf Uddman (Sweden) is the Chief Financial Officer (see brief curriculum vitae for the Board).


    DogWellNet.com, the internet platform of the IPFD functions as an information hub, providing links, documents and additional resources to breeders and others in the dog world. However, it is much more than ‘Google-for-dogs’. The whole design and structure of the platform revolves around ‘building community’ – bringing people together. This will be accomplished both by the way the IPFD is developing the site, i.e., using IPFD staff as well as volunteers from partner institutions, and from functionality inherent in its design. For example, the software allows for the creation of ‘Forums’ where groups can effectively communicate, share information, reach consensus, etc.


    Guests are able to see public content. As of April 2016, Guests can sign up for a Member account to access some additional content and features on the website. Invited Members and Advanced Members (in general, those recommended by one of our Partners or Sponsors) will help us build content and further refine the website and will receive information on the registration procedure through their organization or from the DogWellNet.com team.

    1st DHW logo2.jpgHaving grown out of the 1st International Dog Health Workshop (IDHW), in Sweden in 2012, the exciting potential for DogWellNet.com to support and enhance ongoing international efforts in dog health was hailed as a major development at the 2nd IDHW (Germany, Feb. 2015) by participants representing many stakeholder groups from approximately 20 countries. 2nd IDHW logo.pngSeveral initiatives were strongly endorsed, including the IPFD Matrix for information on molecular genetic tests and testing.


    IPFD and DogWellNet.com are also being received enthusiastically by the dog community (e.g. http://www.dogworld.co.uk/product.php/132065/ (this URL is no longer available; see IPFD-inthenews-DogWorld3-15-Global Cooperation by Simon Parsons.pdf) and http://issuu.com/dognews/docs/020615/64 ).


    For additional information see DogWellNet.com or please contact Dr. Brenda N. Bonnett, CEO, International Partnership for Dogs (brenda.bonnett@ipfdogs.com). We welcome interest from all those who share our desire to enhance dog health, well-being and welfare, worldwide.







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