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Wisdom Health (formerly Mars Veterinary)

HGTD Leadership Sponsor Test Discovery- GTP Other Recognized Accreditation Out Sourced Testing

General Information

Wisdom Health (formerly Mars Veterinary)
Alternative Name
Mars Veterinary
18101 SE 6th Way
Zip Code/ Postal Code
United States
Participant Since:


Staff Counts
more than 25
Lab/Company Director
Cindy Cole
Lead Veterinarian
Both staff and consultants, including 6 on staff
Description of Lab Tech Qualifications

Quality Indicators - GTP

HGTD Leadership Sponsor
Participation Level
Leadership Sponsor
In House Testing
Number of Tests with ISO/ details
Specifc Tests=0; General accreditation All (through Out Sourced Lab)
ISO Info
Tests outsourced to ISO Accredited Lab
ISO Comments
All tests are run via the Illumina process, which has ISO17025 certification
Other Recognized Accreditation
Details of Other Accreditation
A2LA, American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Lab SOP details
Re-run original sample(s) in question and/or retest dog(s) with new kits. Individual internal controls available for each sample, sex of the DNA sample can be genetically verified, duplicate samples are tracked by Geneseek and Wisdom Health, and breed(s)/traits can often be verified as well. Additionally, there is a minimum sample quality levels that are allowed for breed or mutation test reporting; any sample not meeting those thresholds will be offered a retest with a new kit.

Quality Indicators - Procedures/ Services

Sample collected by - GTP specific
samples are collected either by the owner (cheek swab) or by a veterinarian/technician (blood samples, cheek swabs)
Sample Identification
SNP panel test can be used as a genetic fingerprint; microchip or tattoo information not required
Animal ID/ Sample Submission
SNP panel test can be used as a genetic fingerprint; microchip or tattoo information not required
Animal ID/ by GTP
Optional: pet name, gender (can be genetically verified), and DOB; Kennel Club/registration documents and breed requested but not required for Optimal Selection? testing (breeder product)
Techincal handling proceedures - GTP specific
SOPs: barcoded samples with individual labels for client to label with owner and dog name; barcoded plates in the laboratory; individual internal controls for each sample; sex check ? genetic comparison to what the client provided at sample registration; breed check ? ability to compare the breeds/traits of the outcome with the dog in question; repeat sample check ? computer automatically compares a DNA sample to all 800,000+ previously tested samples to identify if/when a repeat sample has been submitted
Test Result information
reports with explanation of results and additional information available online; full consumer care and technical support teams available for client and veterinarian questions
Laboratory Mishandling Protocol
Breeding Advice


Test Discovery- GTP
Test Development In-House
Any Patents Held
Refereed Publications list
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