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Genoscoper Laboratories Oy

HGTD Leadership Sponsor Test Discovery- GTP In House Testing Non-participant Other Recognized Accreditation Out Sourced Testing Any Patents Held Subsidiary Company

General Information

Genoscoper Laboratories Oy
Alternative Name
Part of Wisdom Health
Data Up to Date
GTP Code
Tukholmankatu 8
Zip Code/ Postal Code
FI 00290
Participant Since:
Subsidiary Company


Lab/Company Director
Hannes Lohi
Lab/Company Director Profile
Lead Scientist/ Geneticist
Jonas Donner
Lead Scientist/ Geneticist Profile
Description of Lab Tech Qualifications
Half of research staff are qualified PhD-level geneticists.
Licensed veterinarian(s)
Other Experts
Licensed veterinarians, geneticists, and researchers

Quality Indicators - GTP

HGTD Leadership Sponsor
Academic Participant
In House Testing
Out Sourced Testing
ISO Accredited/ GTP
ISO Accredited/LAB
ISO Accredited/tests
ISO Comments
Commercial testing outsourced to ISO17025 and ISO9001 accredited laboratories to achieve quality assurance level beyond a normal reseach laboratory.'MyDogDNA/Optimal Selection: "Use of Illumina BeadArray Microarray for SNP Genotyping Tests" (through Neogen outsourcing)
Other Recognized Accreditation
ISAG Parentage Panel Used
Other Parentage Testing
Other Parentage Testing Details
AKC parentage testing available as well.
Out Sourced Labs More Info
Neogen/ Geneseek

Quality Indicators - Procedures/ Services

Sample collected by - GTP specific
Samples typically collected either by the dog owner, a certified veterinarian, or "official" sample taker of the national kennel club. All certified sample takers are uniquely identifiable and traceable based on vet ID number or name registry.
Sample Identification
All samples are barcoded for unique identification and automated processing from sample reception through analysis and storage. The sample taking event is always carefully documented, to clearly state whether the sampled dog was unambigously identified by checking of microchip/tattoo. All submission forms require signatures by the dog owner and sample taker for event verification and traceability.
Animal ID/ Sample Submission
Barcoded sample ID, microchip/tattoo number
Animal ID/ by GTP
Registration Number, Registered Name, Date of birth, Pet name, breed, gender
Test Result information
All test results are accompanied by a test documentation providing a "Clinical overview" of the condition (disease severity/clinical signs, mode of inheritance), and recommended follow up actions to be discussed with a veterinary clinician.
Results Query Protocol
Multi-tier customer suppport and genetic counseling available.
Laboratory Mishandling Protocol
Quality Assurance and Issue Resolution
Multi-tier customer suppport and genetic counseling available.
Contact for Queries
Breeding Advice
Advice Details
PhD level geneticists available for counseling on test result significance for the dog and its breed.


Test Discovery- GTP
Test Development In-House
Any Patents Held
Details on Patents/Licenses Issued
Research Collaborator
Refereed Publications list
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