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Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency


Relevance Rating: The test is unknown, there is no evidence (i.e. research) available, or it has not been evaluated yet. These tests may or may not be meaningful for these breeds


Disease Name
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency
Mutation 2
Test Type
Genetic Disease/Disorder
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency, now identified in a number of breeds, leads to chronic severe hemolytic anemia, weakness, and hepatosplenomegaly causing bone marrow and liver failure in mature animals.
Details 2
Pyruvate kinase (PK) deficiency is an autosomal, recessive, inherited disease of Basenjis that causes chronic, regenerative, hemolytic anemia. Diagnostic methods currently used to identify carrier animals rely on measurement of erythrocyte PK activity and frequently give equivocal results. A genetic test incorporating polymerase chain reaction amplification of genomic DNA and restriction fragment length polymorphism has been developed to determine the PK genotype of Basenjis. (Whitney et al, 1995)
Whitney, K.M., Goodman, S.A., Bailey, E.M., Lothrop, C.D. : The molecular basis of canine pyruvate kinase deficiency Experimental Hematology 22:866-874, 1994. Pubmed reference: 7520391.
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