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The Hällefors Elkhound is a medium-sized, rectangular Spitz with either a sickle or curly tail.


(Google translate) The appearance and the emergence of the dogs that today are part of hällefors breed took place in parallel with the strong growth of the moose population that occurred during the 1930s in some areas of Värmland and Västmanland... Parts of the forest staff who were employed at Hellefors Bruks AB had, therefore, during the period 1935-1955 elk hunting as one of its main tasks during the autumn. A task usually performed as a one-man hunting with a capable löshund.
The need for good hunting dogs along with a rapidly growing moose population is the foundation on which hällefors dog's creation rests.

Source: Hällefors Dog Club -

Kept as a hunting and tracking dog of elk, wild boar, bear and badgers, the breed is active and durable in the field. This breed is not recognized by the FCI.



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