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Genoscoper Laboratories

    We're Genoscoper - the specialists in canine genetics and animal DNA testing. We offer solutions to help you make informed decisions about pet care and breeding, through comprehensive testing services and improved DNA diagnostics, with the most advanced BioIT.




    Genoscoper is a proud sponsor of IPFD's Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs Initiative.




    About Us:

    mydogdna.png Over the past several years, genetic research in dogs has been accelerated by annotation of the canine genome and the development of tools for genomic analysis. Advancements in modern DNA technologies have expedited the discovery of disease mutations, meaning a growing number of disease-related genes are described every year. These discoveries have made it possible to develop genetic tests available to dog owners and breeders - efficient tools for planning both sustainable breeding and overall pet care.


    Genoscoper Laboratories is a Finland-based animal diagnostics laboratory established in 1995. Its MyDogDNA testing concept helps explore inherited characteristics in dogs using a genome-wide DNA analysis. The technology uses a comprehensive panel analysis to test for known mutations, and simultaneously records thousands of neutral chromosomal markers that can be used to measure genetic diversity and even locate new mutations associated with other genetic disorders.


    For further information, please visit www.genoscoper.com/en or www.mydogdna.com.

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