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  • IPFD Videos

    Preview of IPFD Annual Report 2018
    About Us: The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD)
    HGTD - Introduction to Search by Lab
    HGTD - Introduction to Search by Test / Disease
  • Brachycephalics

    Love is Blind - Dr Philip Moses
    Dog Breathing Assessment (Cambridge BOAS research group)
    Making assessments of dogs' respiration - BSI
    IKFB - French Bulldog Club (Germany) Walk Test
  • Behaviour and Training

    New Research into the Genetics of Canine Behaviour - Dr. Claire Wade
    BPH - Behaviour and Personality Assessment - SKK
    Puppy Parties and Socialization
  • Canine Genetics

    Genetics 101 for Dog Breeders - AKC-CHF
    Elaine Ostrander (NIH) 1: Canine Genetics: Dog Genes Tell Surprising Tales
    Genetics of Complex Traits in Dogs
    A Clinical Genetics Approach to Understanding Genetic, Multiplex and Heath Testing
  • Health and Welfare

    Best-practices for conduct of clinical trial for animal patients
    Breeding healthy dogs -- Dr. Brenda Bonnett
    Using PetWise MOTs to Improve Animal Welfare
    How Beliefs and Attitudes about Dog Health and Welfare Limit Behaviour Change

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