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Did you find our content interesting or helpful? Help support the IPFD enhance health, well-being and welfare for dogs everywhere.

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Everything is Connected

Ann Milligan

See the Blog "Every Step We Take".

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1 Comment

This terrific video really puts a smile on my face!!!  It is a clever and thoughtfully engaging way to illustrate what IPFD is all about..., "integration" of a set of vital initiatives and subsets of types of data that are all essential in the overall wellbeing of dogs.  The music makes it lighthearted and entertaining.  It also makes people think about the fact that while all these things may be been done by organizations..., no one single organization has ever pulled them all together for an overall impact assessment.  All the canine health care..., breed clubs..., genetic testing labs..., they all work independently and because of the lack of a coordinated effort between all organizations, vital comparative information is lost..., and that is exactly what IPFD adds..., a global harmonization of data.  Well done!  Great video.  

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