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  1. English bulldogs have been in the spotlight of authorities and media for a long time. The breed has a striking appearance and is often mentioned when health issues in pedigree dogs related to their appearance are discussed. With this background and as a starting point the Swedish Kennel Club in collaboration with the Swedish Club for English bulldogs have recently launched a new breeding strategy for the breed. The strategy presents hands on advice for breeders on how to make visible progress over the coming five year period by focusing on the main health issues associated with the breed. Th
  2. The wrinkles must be reduced – statement from the SKK regarding breeding of Shar Pei dogs The Shar Pei breed is characterized by its distinctive features of thickened skin and heavy wrinkles. The underlying accumulation of hyaluronic acid, resulting in a feature named hyaluronosis, may if exaggerated lead to several heath issues, for example eye injuries caused by the eyelashes curling inwards irritating the eye. (click image to enlarge) A “moderate” western type of Shar Pei. (Photo: Anna Thorsjö) At a recent meeting with the SKK Breeding Committee on January 24th a statement regarding
  3. Genetic health programmes are one of the tools used by the SKK (the Swedish Kennel Club) to manage hereditary disease. The SKK implemented the use of screening programmes to improve health in Swedish dogs more than 30 years ago. The first programmes concerned hip dysplasia and hereditary eye diseases. More recently, programmes for other heritable conditions, such as elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation and heart disease have been developed. Health programmes are based on breed-specific needs and have been introduced on request from and in consultation with the breed clubs. An increasing number
  4. The availability of genetic tests for different diseases in dogs has increased dramatically in recent years. For breeders and dog owners, the utility and accuracy of these tests are often difficult to assess. Even though DNA tests offer new opportunities as a tool for breeding, they also imply new questions and challenges. The fact that a genetic test is available for a disease in a breed does not automatically mean that the test is accurate or appropriate to use as basis for breeding decisions.
  5. Breeding Dogs in Sweden (English) See more on the SKK:
  6. Hi! Welcome to this blog! SKK, the Swedish Kennel Club, owes its existence to the work of breeders and dog owners. Hence, breeding issues is one of the most important topics in the organization. The Department of breeding and health, at the SKK central office in Stockholm, currently employs eight persons. Among our staff are two breeding consultants, a veterinarian and a geneticist. The department works with various issues related to breeding, health and behavior in Swedish dogs. For example, we assist the SKK Breeding Committee, the Temperament in Dogs Committee, and the breed clubs in br
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