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Kirsi Sainio

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    Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Medicine
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    Exaggerations and Extremes in Dog Conformation

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  1. Well done Brenda, well done SCC, well done us! Hope to hear what different sessions come up with and let's hope we get some ACTIONS!
  2. Updated information from the FKK: The Finnish Kennel Club (FKK) has today released information about a ongoing project 'Fitness examination being prepared for Bulldogs' [Dated link; see Internet Archive:]in the English Bulldogs. This is a collaborative program between the kennel club, the breed club and The University of Helsinki Veterinary Hospital. Thirty English Bulldogs are being monitored for breathing, balance, a walking test, skin problems and x-ray'd from head to tail. The FKK has bought some equipment for the project and will pay for the study of the 30 dogs that the Breed Club has chosen to be tested. The aim is that this test could be used to evaluate dogs that would be suitable for breeding. Ultimately, the idea is to decrease health problems in any brachycephalic breed.
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