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Jim Stephens

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  1. The situation in Ireland has developed to an extent where all breed clubs have been inundated with enquiries for puppies of all breeds (400 enquiries for mini schnauzers within 2 weeks of lockdown) .Enquiries are still happening but the pedigree breeding plans are way behind demand as most breeders were intent on showing until the "season" was cancelled. Travel restrictions put paid to planned matings as such travel was deemed non essential and publicised fines and one imprisonment ( for 3 weeks) for breaking the restrictions to collect pups also saw commercial establishments affected. Me
  2. not sure if you have seen this paper Canine behaviour problems: discussions between veterinarians and dog owners during annual booster consultations ( which provides information on relationship between veterinarians and the addressing of problem behaviour. Although a small study it provides an insight into the difficulties of clients asking for and accessing veterinary support during the annual vaccination visit. worth a read.
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