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  1. Once a year, in October, the SKK Breeding Committee organizes a weekend course for breeding officials based on the book Dog breeding in theory and practice by Sofia Malm (SKK genetic expert) and Åsa Lindholm. The Genetic Expert and The Breeding Consultant of the SKK Department for Breeding and Health are in charge of the course. The aim is to give breed clubs education and tools they need to work with breeding plans and breed-specific strategies. The contents of the course include basic genetics and guidance in how to conduct work at club level. There’s also a certain amount of self-directed studies. Every other year, in April, this education is held specifically directed to hunting dog breed clubs.
  2. New knowledge emphasizing the importance and responsibility of the dog show judge. Link to an article by Dr. Gören Bodegård in Dog World, UK:,_md. The Brachycephalic-Syndrome-Hedhammar-and-Bodegard.pdf
  3. Instructions by the Swedish Shar Pei Club accepted by the Swedish BSI Committee and Judges' Committee. The article is available for download here:
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