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  1. Titles can easily be altered as these are just widget blocks, so feel free to edit them when you find something that is "off". Catagories are made via acp, just like these where created.
  2. I looked in the DOM and it seems the original output for these images are 90X90. I believe they are being resized prior to output since they are supposed to be thumbs. I will consult mike on this when I next see him.
  3. The tracker was moved from dev to live some time back. We disabled it on dev so all reported issues/requests are contained in one location. I assume you mean the overall progress? Just add another category, it will be propegated into the side block automatically. If you need assistance on tha just let me know. 1. That is due to me making the output a specific size. It seemed the images where not all the same size since the look was broken. I will redefine a smaller size (200X200) and go from there. 2. As I mentioned above, these are all block feeds adjusted to suits the needs of the title. Such as Featured, which only shows featured content or Top Videos that only displays the most viewed and the Latest videos that only displays the most recent videos. You can alter or remove these as desired. Since the landing page consists only custom blocks (as I have killed the feed to accomidate your mockup) it shouldn't be too difficult to re-add the categories.
  4. You can easily add your anchors by viewing the entries source when your in the BBC editor. Here is an example of how to do anchors. If you need me to add then just let me know.
  5. Once its setup and stable, ppl will get used too it. 1. I will look and see if language selection can be activated via url string (which is what I believe you are going for in this instance) and if it is (and I believe it is) than yes it would be feasible. 2. I only have French and German currently installed (other than default) and that took a little over 2 hours to do all the menu items, categories (forums, databases, ect since thats what generates submenu titles), guidelines/policy pages, ect. So about an hour+ per language pack generally speaking.
  6. I agree, it would be long ... too long IMHO ... plus teh packs translate more than just the navigation so it would be a misleading statement.
  7. Its just language being pulled in from the language packs. It can easily be altered in the packs themselves.
  8. Its a widget, so you can alter it like any other widget. This includes selecting what categories are used, sorting, to only use items with tags, ect and the ability to place it wherever you like. I have already moved it to where you suggested and limited the category.
  9. I added a link on top for a quick fix. If you like that style and location I will use it when I build the hook. If you don't, you will need to specify a new location for it to be placed.
  10. Great. Just let me know if it fills all your requests and if not list what needs to be added or changed and I will see what it takes to get them added or changed depending on what is needed.
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