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  1. Have you already seen the breed statistics from the Kennel Club for all breeds? perhaps it is already posted sonewhere on the site
  2. The Cambrige BOAS Research Work looks very good.Even more because it is an external evaluation without stress for dogs and owners. I am really looking forward to see their results.
  3. Katariina, the test is mandatory for Frenchies, Pugs and English bulldogs in the VDH ( German Kennel Club) Frenchies and English bulldogs time limit 8 minutes, pugs 12 minutes. only very few dogs do not pass. Besides that we improved the owners fitness because they really have to run with their dogs, some use a bicycle, some a footbike, some just run.
  4. Katariina, in Germany we have a long experience with the so called walking test . The IKFB was the first to establish such a test in cooperation with VDH It is mandatory for Frenchies for breeding since almost ten years. We started the test with 12 minutes for the 1000 meters and now the Frenchies and the English bulldogs have to do it in 8 minutes, the pugs in 12. Believe me it's easy, not many dogs fail, it's rather the owners fittness . Personally I think we should give them 6 minutes, a task which is easly done by the dogs, as far as the dogs in Germany are co
  5. Jemima, I can only speak for the German IKFB ( FCI) breeders. We try to breed dogs with a little longer muzzle, but this is a real challenge because if the nose gets too long, we have a lack of type. On the other hand the 1/16 muzzel requirement: who ever measures this? I think it's difficult to define certain limits in numbers. I am a breeder and a judge so I know both perspectives. As a breeder I want functional dogs, even though they are Frenchies but they must still look like Frenchies and not like puggles or Frenchidoodles or whatever. As a judge I try to NOT look for the extreme. I am l
  6. Jemima, the Standard for French Bulldogs is not the same all over the world. That means in most countries we judge on the FCI Standard. This is not the case in the UK and USA. The Dogs in UK for ex. look different . They are a little shorter, heavier have less neck length even though they are all Frenchies. But to answer your question, yes we see Dogs like the ones on your Pictures in the Show ring but the Standard also says : no exaggerations, and the judge should punish stenotic nares. What we (or at least I) look for is :. Slightly longer nose , open nares, tail that is long enough to wag
  7. Jemima, thanks for your comment, which I found very interesting. Obviously things are different ...... In Germany we have a copletely different situation from UK and US. I was really shocked about the UK kennel klub registered dog numbers. I am really looking forward, discussing that issue with you in Paris and hope we get more numbers from other countries world wide in the meanwhile.
  8. kennel clubs cannot solve the brachycephalic problem. These breeds are very fashionable at the moment. Frenchies being the most popular breed in NYC! The vast majority of dogs with brachycephalic airway syndrome ( not to talk about all the other problems, skin, Gi tract etc.) come from puppy mills. In Germany the IKFB ( only FCI club for Frenchies) breeds approx 330 puppies per year, TASSO the largest animal registry in Germany registers each year 6500 Frenchies. Any more questions?
  9. the brachycephalic problems cannot be solved by the kennel clubs alone. We need an european law for breeders. The kennel clubs in europe only "produce" a small number of these snub nosed dogs. Most of them come from puppy mills and are "produced" to sell. No health checks,nothing. These enormous numbers of puppies is what you see running aorund in the streets, the dogs from the kennel clubs are the minority. In Germany IKFB ( only FCI club for Frenchies) produces approx. 330 puppies, the largest animal registry in germany registers eachs year approx 6500 Frenchies. Anymore questions?
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