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Michael Edwards

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    Kansas City
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    Human-Dog Interactions
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    Breed-Specific Health Strategies
    Exaggerations and Extremes in Dog Conformation
    Education and Communication
    Behaviour and Welfare
    IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs
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  1. Michael Edwards

    Dutch Kennel Club

    i should be available for the rest of the day
  2. Michael Edwards

    Dutch Kennel Club

    Hello, this is doable, but IPS has a commerce platform called "Commerce (nexus)" that can handle donations from Paypal, stripe, and several other payment gateways. it would be more ideal to add Nexus to your IPS suite and then use the donation system from it (with paypal and strip configured). I use nexus at my site, https://codingjungle.com, I could setup a private demo for brenda to take a look at it, as i use it to operate a digital download store for my applications and a few times a year, i create donation's for various things. Nexus would be a slight investment and increase the overal bi-annual cost of the IPS suite for your organization, but in the long run it would be far cheaper and offer more robustness for future demonetization of the site as well. imho nexus would be the ideal option for this .

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