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  1. "In this Canine Health Foundation webinar Dr. Danika Bannasch, DVM, PhD University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, discusses the major advances that have been made in our understanding of the molecular basis for inherited diseases in dogs. These advances, in the form of DNA based tests for breeding animals have changed that way breeders make breeding decisions. During the webinar Dr. Bannasch will discuss the basics of dog genetics, the different modes of inheritance or how genetic traits and diseases are transmitted from one generation to the next and the exceptions to th
  2. Learn more the important work being done by IPFD and our contributors as we lead the dog world from information to action - for the love of dogs...and for the people who love them. (Updated November 2020)
  3. you know you can highlight a selection of text in a post or comment and it will give you an option to just quote the selected text? well at its core, it would be a flowchart, but the way people interact it with it isn't, why i was asking if it was gonna be multiples or just the one (cause of work involved in making it one or the other). i could make it both ways easily enough, was just trying to figure out how you want to introduce it to the site (like a menu link on the main menu or something people could link to in topics/articles). there is a google tool caledl dra
  4. 1. will there be more than one interactive tool (like one for subject a, another for subject b, and so on)? 2. did you want it to have its own page or be a widget (i can do both, but was curious if it needed either/or)? 3. are the answers gonna be yes/no or will there be multiple options to choose from? 4. will they be able to go back to change a previous answer or will the need to start over? i think that is all the questions i have, i had more, but they really rely on the answers to these questions I installed the LMS software i was talking about the other day (moo
  5. yes you can restrict access to the controllers thru ACP->system->application->GTP
  6. if you do a breed search (with the primary name or the synonym), it look for relations on the primary name.
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