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David Eikelberg

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  1. In our very small population of the Black Russian Terrier, we have adopted a policy of "working in a positive direction" and trying our very best to educate anyone who will listen, in intelligent genetic sorting for breeding pairs, using the best we have while at teh same time striving for the maximum genetic diversity possible as well a requisite traits and attributes. Where our breeders have gone awry, we attempt to correct the situation through judge's education seminars and articles in our newsletters, as well as just plain talk on social media. Not ideal but it is our hope that the trem
  2. Perhaps funding a commission established specifically for selecting mating pairs with the goal of bringing back healthier physical attributes is in order.
  3. David Eikelberg

    Everything is Connected

    This terrific video really puts a smile on my face!!! It is a clever and thoughtfully engaging way to illustrate what IPFD is all about..., "integration" of a set of vital initiatives and subsets of types of data that are all essential in the overall wellbeing of dogs. The music makes it lighthearted and entertaining. It also makes people think about the fact that while all these things may be been done by organizations..., no one single organization has ever pulled them all together for an overall impact assessment. All the canine health care..., breed clubs..., genetic testing labs..., t
  4. I can also attest to the robust nature of the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics lab (VGL) DNA testing program. We have used them extensively in our Black Russian Terrier breeding program as mentioned above. Our DVM just this past weekend suggested that we have our BRT tested by VGL for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) in an attempt to diagnose the reason(s) for the weakness in his rear. So, as you can see, even DVMs look upon UC Davis as a source of diagnostic information and support, not just hobbyists and breeders. See them at:
  5. Great information that we all need to be reminded about now and again. Article brings people back to "center' in their thinking about breeding programs. I forwarded this on to my Black Russian Terrier Club of America breed club. I hope everyone else also forwards on to as many breed clubs as possible.
  6. Here is the majority of Dr Friedrich's translation: Dear dog friends, Today, from my personal point of view, I would like to say a few words to you about the current situation at the VDH. Logically, the first priority is the health of all people, be they dog owners or not. It is indubitable for each and every one of us to avoid spreading Covid 19 disease (caused by the coronavirus) as far as possible. In many ways, although this often hits us hard, we have to accept cutbacks in terms of social life, work, finance, mobility and leisure activities. Fortunately, we can continue to prov
  7. It would be great to get this message out to the media to prevent dog adoption problems when people go back to work. In so doing we could also make the global audience more aware of the great things IPFD is setting out to do.
  8. This newsletter is outstanding! Love it! I am so excited about what the IPFD is doing for our canine companions. The world needs a leader organization and IPFD fills that void.
  9. What Dr. Bonnett says is so true. IPFD is the perfect and obvious organization to orchestrate just such a world-wide collaborative effort. This is such a worthwhile endeavor lacking only major funding to make it happen. We must all work toward finding a way to fund this work within this organization.
  10. I believe has a great system for helping breeders make better decisions regarding breed pairs. However, it seems their services are vastly underutilized. They need more exposure in the media for their capabilities and services to become more widely known.
  11. I love this page! It most importantly captures the heart, as well as the soul of what IPFD "is", and where it is headed in the future. As mentioned in the article at the very end..., "The possibilities are exciting!" I agree!
  12. I am confident that I could be useful as a breed expert for anyone with questions about the Black Russian Terrier (BRT). They are not for the first time dog owner, as is commonly advertised. However, despite the depth and breadth to which this advice is transmitted, there are still people who get BRTs and end up giving them up because they cannot handle them. If my acting as a breed expert for the BRT can help prevent even one BRT from being abused, or from having to be re-homed, I would be happy to provide advice to inquiries on this breed.
  13. Thoughtfully researched and well written. Much appreciated. In the U.S. it seems to me that the best bet, although not a perfect solution, is to consult with the database available at to see if the dame and sire have been health tested and if so to what extent. From there one can have at least an idea of the likelihood of obtaining a healthy puppy from a litter. It is far far better than nothing. While there can be lying by omission, and refusing to post results for certain tests, even that tells somewhat of a tale when evaluating and considering a puppy from a breeder. There
  14. Hello Aime, Very well said on your above response. In the Black Russian Terrier breed here in the U.S. w have changed people's behaviors to the point of hip and elbow testing being a standard approach and a "given". We are even moving ever closer to the DNA testing becoming the norm as something that owners just do as a matter of course. Temperament testing and skills competition still need more attention as does general canine health and wellness. Our next area of effort will be to encourage BRT owners to submit general data about their BRT breeding, environment, feeding, medical car
  15. I wonder if there is a possibility for a viable and productive/useful partnership/joint venture between IPFD and BetterBred's "Rebeka" provided us with a valuable breeding simulation based on our pre-existing U.C. Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) information for our Black Russian Terrier (BRT) matched with test results for another female BRT which also had DNA information in the BetterBred database. This sort of genetic/health/breeding "counseling" service is what is needed on a large-scale basis to the general dog breeding industry..., so much so that the marketing
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