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  1. Thank you for making this information available to support breeders in their work and passion. Breeders are the working link between the sciences and the new born puppies so breeders need the best , most current yet digestible information to breed healthy puppies of that breed and above all DO NO HARM to that breed. This means breeders MUST HAVE USABLE EFFECTIVE TOOLS for their often life's work, to be successful in their selection not for a ribbon, a title or three, but for the breed they love as a whole. The great academic work being done is not always accessible to breeders or easily understood. Sometimes this does lead inadvertently to HARM. BRIDGING BODIES ARE ESSENTIAL TO ENSURE THE GOOD WORK IS NOT WASTED BUT PROVIDED IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO BREEDERS. CANINE BODIES ARE IN THE POSITION TO ACT RESPONSIBLY AND HUNT DOWN THE BEST & MOST CURRENT RESEARCHED INFORMATION , PROVIDE IT FREELY TO THEIR BREEDERS, JUDGES & ALL THOSE WHO INFLUENCE THE DIRECTION OF BREEDS. OVERSEEING BODIES WHOSE DOCUMENTATION SUPPOSEDLY "CERTIFIES" THE PUREBRED STATUS AND LINEAGE MUST START TAKING 2019 SCIENCE TO THEIR DAILY PROCESSES. INDIVIDUALS IN ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS NOW NEED TO MAKE EDUCATED DECISIONS. TALKFESTS WITH COMMITTEES OF YESTERDAY HAVE SHOWN TO BE OUT OF TOUCH WITH GLOBAL PROCESS AND NOT KEPT ABREAST EDUCATIONALLY WITH 2019 PROCESSES AND THE SCIENCES WHICH SUPPORT IT. THIS IS RESULTING IN THE INABILITY TO " DO NO HARM " HOW & WHERE DO WE BEGIN TO FIX THIS?
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