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  1. Excluding dogs from the gene pool on the single CFR criterium doesn't make any sense. But the Raad van Beheer's intention to "achieve a longer muzzle" doesn't make sense either. Every brachycephalic breed needs to be considered individually. In my breed - Griffon Bruxellois - this bold policy would result in loss of breed-type and it would result in the extinction of the breed, because it would merge this breed with other breeds like Affenpinscher and rough-haired Pinscher into 1 breed. The Griffon Bruxellois and Affenpinscher would disappear as distinctive breeds. Can the Dutch government, the University of Utrecht and the "Raad van Beheer" explain why "achieving a longer muzzle" is necessary while the breeders can proof that it's possible to breed healthy purebred Griffons with CM0/SM0 gradings that are BOAS-free and that are within the breed standard?
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