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A place for improvements and bugs in harmonization app.
In Progress

I've had a report from a GTP (Maria Turba, from Genefast) that she is getting the following error message:


Ready For Review

Manage Data/New Relations Development


Orivet (George S), one of our GTPs, is getting an error message when he clicks on the "submit new relation" button. The error is just 'error' in a small box... I have checked his permissions and they appear to be okay



I am getting an error message when I search under the generic phenes - 


Can't import files into HSP, Conditions or Relations nor can I create a new record



I am unable to approve new relations in the Manage Data  section. When I click on "approve" it is perpetually pending...



Create a relations node


Conditions DB is empty therefore search not working.  Export of custom fields produced a json file so I cannot use it in excel to add data.



search on HSP produces a screen that just says 'GTP'



Search on breed comes up with error but I imagine that is because there is nothing to access in the other dbs



figure out why on MGM on dev activates both HSDD and Harmonization when it doesn't on my local...


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