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Found 5 results

  1. The Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress meets every four years where a large number of breeders and fanciers (domestic as well as international) come together to discuss the breed. Many thanks to Helle Lauridsen, DWN contibutor, for providing a follow-up to the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2016. This article provides a follow-up to the 2016 event - with a focus on addressing Dermoid Sinus in Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The congress was a great success with a full day focused on breed health. A whole chapter was focused on Dermoid Sinus, the only breed specific disease for Ridgebacks. Helle Lauridsen writes... on the topic... "Dermoid Sinus has been seen by the outside world as a huge problem, but much less so by Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders... as it is now very rarely encountered and not always, as myth and an old article in Nature indicates, only in ridged dogs. DS also occurs in RR mixes and in other breeds and is always (100%) operable." "At the congress it was decided by the delegates to counter the 'stories' about Dermoid Sinus with facts. While the German clubs are progressing towards funding a DS DNA study, the RRWC Health committee wanted to investigate the size and development of the problem, before moving forward initiating a research project into the correlation of the 1996 Australian Folic Acid Study by Felicity A. Nicholls-Grzemski. Her theory is that as DS in dogs and spina bifida in humans are both embryo neural tube defects; DS can also be easily prevented with Folic Acid as Spina Bifida is prevented in humans.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    An international collaboration and event! The Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2016 The Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress was held in Sweden June 28 - June 30, 2016. We hope that those who were not able to attend the congress, can take part in the congress by reading the congress program. The Program (external link) Several speaker's Presentations have been uploaded to the website as of November, 2016. -- See the Program presentations at Event information is also available on the RRWC's Facebook page: The Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2016 speaker Presentations are available here on DWN as well (retained for record retention purposes). Also see the DWN's Rhodesian Ridgeback resources.
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