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    3rd Dog Health Workshop Paris, April of 2017... Theme: Behaviour and Welfare

    Working Groups: were struck across all the themes in order to increase the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes.  Their goal was to collect and collate information; connect relevant stakeholders; and to outline key issues, goals and challenges to be addressed at the Workshop.

    Behaviour and Welfare Group's Focus:

    • How can we better integrate concepts of welfare, behaviour and health in breeding and raising dogs?
    • Focus on early life / socialization.

    Task: create a message that would be sent to kennel clubs to market a positive educational message for the public on reasons to achieve/purchase/sell/breed a well socialized dog.

    Priorities to be modeled in the sub-group's message were:

    • behavior is part of welfare
    • good behavior and health start in utero
    • socialization shortly thereafter
    • need to develop positive and marketing messages for different audiences
    • short, specific, positive messages following a model of 5 freedoms 

    Message to remain short, global (1 size fitting all) with more information  available on the DogWellNet website (presented with consideration of the ID of the reader (breeder, owner, vet, kennel club). 


    - Work Product - Socialization Posters -

    5" x 7" PDF versions are now available in English and  French


    It is intended that other country's Kennel/Breed Clubs would translate this poster to their language, if desired.

    A PowerPoint Template file is available on request. Contact us to obtain the Puppy Socialization Poster PowerPoint Template. We would be very pleased to share this poster in your language with the DWN Community!


    Image previews in French & English...

    pup socialization french.png



    pup socialization english.png



    Also see: 3rd DHW DWN Resources  and Post Meeting Resources as well as other articles in this category.

    as well as other DWN Behaviour Resources at https://dogwellnet.com/content/health-and-breeding/screening-tests/non-dna/behavior-temperament/


    For Reference purposes: PPTX and Adobe Illustrator templates for this work are available to the Members of the Behaviour & Welfare Sub-group Forum at:



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