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  • IKFB - Interview - German International Club for French Bulldogs By Ann Milligan

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    Dr. Anne Posthoff, the president of the German International Club for French Bulldogs, explains why the rules for breeding French Bulldogs in Germany are amongst the strictest in the world.
  • Afghan Hound By IPFD DWN Editor1

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    This breed has information on both veterinary care events (VC) and LIFE insurance data (mortality). Files Available for Download: AFGHAN HOUND VC 2006-2011.pdf The VC file has rates of most common and highest risk conditions requiring veterinary care. AFGHAN HOUND LIFE 2006-2011.pdf The LIFE file has rates of most common and highest risk causes of death. Agria Dog Breed Statistics FAQs.pdf This file addresses frequently asked questions regarding Agria Dog Breed Statistics. Click on the green DOWNLOAD button above to access the files.
  • French Bulldog Breed Watch Report By Ann Milligan

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    French Bulldog
    A list of UK KC BreedWatch Points which were collated from Judges Health Monitoring Forms between 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2014. Includes points of concern in alphabetical order from individual shows, the total number of dogs affected by the point of concern listed, compared to the total number of dogs exhibited.
  • Advancing Canine Health & Welfare By Ann Milligan

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    Patricia N. Olson, DVM, PhD, DACT, DACAW
    Dog Health Workshop, Dortmund, Germany, February 15, 2015   excerpt...
    "Animal Welfare & Purebred Dogs
    Goals: Good health, good welfare, longevity
    • Example - behavior, health, working soundness and longevity critical for the guide dog team   • Also important for owners of show dogs, pet dogs, breeding animals   • What are the "drivers" for acquiring future dogs?
    • What does the future owner expect?"