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Other Health Tests (non-DNA)

Many health evaluations have been used to inform breeding decisions. Most commonly and historically, for Hip Dysplasia and Eye conditions, also Elbow Screening, Behavior/Temperament and others. However, the tests/evaluations used are not necessarily standardized or harmonized across all registries, nationally or internationally. In this section we provide content on principles, challenges, controversies and new developments to help breeders understand the complexities, organized by specific conditions. * Check out the Subcategories (below) and Articles (further below).*


  1. Hip Dysplasia

    This section provides information on evaluation protocols and other resources related to testing/screening for hip dysplasia.
  2. Eyes

    This section includes resources related to testing /evaluation of eyes and managing canine eye health.
  3. Elbows

    This section provides information related to testing /evaluation of elbows and elbow conditions, such as elbow dysplasia.
  4. Behavior | Temperament

    Behavior/temperament assessment resources for breed clubs, breeders and dog owners to help determine and describe the personality of the dog, whether it is a potential breeding animal, pet or working dog.
  5. Other Tests | Evaluations

    This section provides information on health tests or evaluations not addressed elsewhere on the site.
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