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Breeding for Health

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Overall principles of dog breeding as well as, general principles / information on breeding for health and well-being; breeding for behavior/ mentality; information applicable to individual dogs and at the breed or population level.

* Check out the Subcategories (below) and Articles (further below).*


  1. Individual Dog

    In this section, we offer resources to assist breeders in making sound decisions about the selection of individual dogs used for breeding.
  2. Population | Breed Level

    This section addresses considerations at the breed and population level used in breeding decisions.
  3. Breeding for Behavior | Mentality | Instinct

    This section focuses on the inheritance of traits/predispositions and their integration with broader issues of dog health. IPFD and DogWellNet hope to develop this topic with the help of Experts - from all areas of the dog world.
  4. Cross-breeding

    Issues of health (in general or specific diseases), temperament or working traits have prompted breed and national clubs to consider cross-breeding to improve the overall health and well-being of specific breeds. This approach is not without controversy and has met with opposition by some. Even proponents of the approach accept that it is a complex and challenging undertaken and not without risk. In this section we will highlight several areas, including: 1. Cross-breeding for health: kennel club and registry body approaches, and 2. Cross bred dogs: benefits, risks and controversies
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