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Breed Club Health Surveys

Everything about Breed Club Health Surveys

2 files

  1. The Kennel Club 2004 Health Survey: Afghan Hound

    Report from the Animal Health Trust and The Kennel Club
    Extended results of the Purebred Dog Health Survey for Afghan Hounds
    Katy M. Evans BVSc CertVA MRCVS
    Vicki J. Adams BSc DVM MSc PhD MRCVS
    Jeff Sampson BSc PhD
    August 2008
    © Animal Health Trust



  2. Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America 1994 Health Survey

    In 1994 a general survey to determine disease incidence in Bernese Mountain Dogs was conducted by the BMDCA's Health Committee, results were compiled and a findings report prepared by Kathy Berge, DVM . Surveys were mailed to 1,372 owners; 691 owners returned completed surveys for 1,468 dogs. The survey was mailed out in February 1994, and the summary of results printed in the BMDCA's October 1994 Alpenhorn.



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