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Shared Educational and Event Resources

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  1. The Swedish Kennel Club's Breed Specific Instructions (BSI) Programme

    Data compiled 2009-2013 - by Dr Göran Bodegård
    The Swedish Kennel Club has instituted a routine programme entitled the BSI (Breed Specific Instructions) regarding exaggerations in pedigree dogs.
    The BSI are the result of inventories made possible through extensive collaboration between dog show judges, breed clubs, veterinary surgeons and supported by veterinary health insurance statistics. These five factors constitute the basis for the selection of listed breeds and for the written directions for each breed. The structure of the inventory allows for a continuous follow up and dynamic revisions of the BSI.
    The current version (2018) of the BSI is available at:



  2. Behavior BPH for IPFD workshop 2015

    Behavior and Personality Assessment in Dogs | Swedish Kennel Club, SKK
    BPH is a behavioral assessment that has been created with the aim to contribute to better knowledge about the mentality and personality of dogs, all dogs. It should be helpful for breed clubs, breeders and dog owners to have a tool which helps to describe the personality of the dog, whether it is a potential breeding animal, pet or working dog. For a person considering to buy a dog, BPH can also give a description of the general mentality of various breeds and of the parents of the puppy litter of interest. Every BPH-­‐described dog contributes with a piece of information that increases our understanding and knowledge about the behavior of that specific breed and of dogs in general.




  3. Topics For Genetic Testing

    Workshop 3 Summation: Genetic Testing
    Author: Jerold S Bell, DVM
    Topics For Genetic Testing:
    • DNA biobanking
    • Validation
    • Laboratories
    • Genetic counseling
    • Standards for parentage testing



  4. Selection for Behavioural Traits

    Presentation, Friedrich
    Dog Health Workshop, Dortmund, 14th February 2015
    • Standards
    • Visions
    • Two Perspectives
    • Topics for today
    This Health Workshop presentation is also located on the VDH website at:



  5. Advancing Canine Health & Welfare

    Patricia N. Olson, DVM, PhD, DACT, DACAW
    Dog Health Workshop, Dortmund, Germany, February 15, 2015
    "Animal Welfare & Purebred Dogs
    Goals: Good health, good welfare, longevity
    • Example - behavior, health, working soundness and longevity critical for the guide dog team
    • Also important for owners of show dogs, pet dogs, breeding animals
    • What are the "drivers" for acquiring future dogs?
    • What does the future owner expect?"



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