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Sources of Population Data

This section focuses on information available from various sources to assist in understanding and quantifying the numbers of dogs and their experiences of health and disease.


  1. Registries

    This section provides links to files located in IPFD's Downloads section that provide registration data for purebred dog breeds. Some of the documents contain additional health screening tests data, conformation and working event participation, litter or other data. The registration data listed in these files is broken out by breed and includes multiple years.

    * Check out the Subcategories (below) and Articles (further below).*

  2. Data from Veterinarians | Insurance Data

    In this section, we provide data collected from veterinary sources, with estimates based on a known population, e.g. veterinary practice data collection, data from insurance sources, etc.
  3. Dog Ownership Statistics

    This section includes population-based estimates of numbers of dogs, generally by country.