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International Partnership for Dogs - Enhancing Dog Health, Well-Being, and Welfare - Join Us
  • ~ Where We Work ~

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      Basics - Where we work

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      As a "virtual" organization, we have no physical headquarters/offices and, therefore, minimal fixed costs; over 95% of our budget goes to programs. Essentially, we work wherever we are and with those who share our mission and goals.

      IPFD is registered in Sweden and legally overseen by the Swedish Kennel Club. Our consultants work from their homes (Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, etc.) or wherever they are traveling in the world advancing the mission of IPFD. We have collaborating experts, partners and collaborators, from Europe and North America, Australia and Asia, but we are continuing to expand our reach, with members of and visitors to from all continents and dozens of countries.


      And - through our Partners, Collaborators... including the international list of Genetic Test Providers who participate in our Harmonization of Genetic Testing Database .... and our experts who participate in the International Dog Health Workshops... our team is wider still.

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