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  1. This file contains a downloadable mp3 recording of Plenary Sessions from the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop held in Paris - April 2017.
    Presenters included on this recording are as follows:
    SCC Official Opening Address  0:00-4:45
    Introduction - Welcome
    Pekka Olsen 4:50-10:00
    (IPFD) International collaboration/Dog Health Workshops
    Presenters spoke for approximately 15 minutes each.
    Catherine Andre 10:12-26:00
    Title of talk:
    Development of a validated DNA test – an example of collaboration with breeders, breed clubs and researchers
    Rowena Packer 26:26-42:50
    Title of talk:
    International developments relative to issues in brachycephalic dogs.
    Ian Seath 43:00-53:30
    Title of talk:
    A total package: Innovative research, programs and communication by the Dachshund Breed Council
    Jasen Stull 53:40-1:09:00
    Title of talk:
    The big picture: Communication and education about antimicrobial resistance
    Sophia Malm 1:09:15-1:21-35
    Title of talk:
    Integrating data from various sources for breed health strategies
    Aimee Llewellyn 1:21:58-1:35:50
    Title of talk:
    Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (+Poster)
    Paula Boyden 1:36:10-1:51:33
    Title of talk:
    The intersection of welfare and behaviour in dogs and relation to health and breeding
    Brenda Bonnett 1:51:50-end
    Title of talk:
    International efforts; IPFD; breakout instructions (+Poster)
    Speaker biographies and further details are located HERE.

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  2. This file contains a collection of posters prepared for IPFD's 3rd International Dog Health Workshop Held in Paris, April of 2017.
    Ian Seath Dachshunds.pdf  - 2.98 MB
    Kelly Arthur IPFD Poster_Jan 2017.pdf - 509.29 kB
    ORIVET_Dog Health.pdf - 5.27 MB
    Orivet-VGA_poster-A0_v1-6-1.pdf - 3.22 MB
    Shizhi Wang_Benefits from intergration of international data.pdf - 622.01 kB
    Shizhi Wang_More health data needed for purebred dog.pdf - 624.84 kB
    Stull ACVIM poster (FINAL).pdf - 612.89 kB
    Welfare Program for Dogs in Commercial Breeding Facilities A0.pdf - 622.66 kB




    Development of a validated Genetic Risk Test: A case study of collaboration
    Catherine André, Benoit Hédan
    "Canine Genetics Team"  CNRS Univ.Rennes1, FRANCE



  4. These documents summarize concepts for the themes covered at the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop. The documents provide a general overview of breakout sessions for each theme and offer key points and priorities covered in discussions as well as action plan
    This file contains the following PDF's:
    Behavior and Welfare Theme_IDHW Sharing Sessions 1_2
    Breed Specific Health Strategies_IDHW Sharing Sessions 1_2
    Education Communication Antibiotics_IDHW Sharing Sessions 1_2
    Exaggerations of conformation_IDHW Sharing Session1_2
    Harmonization of Genetic Testing_IDHW Sharing Sessions 1_2
    Show Me the Numbers_IDHW Sharing Sessions 1_2



  5. International Developments relative to issues in Brachycephalic dogs
    Dr Rowena Packer
    BBSRC Research Fellow, Royal Veterinary College



  6. A total package for breed health
    Ian J Seath, Chairman Dachshund Breed Council



  7. Education and Communication: Antimicrobial Resistance
    Jason Stull, VMD, MPVM, PhD, DACVPM
    Assistant Professor
    Dept. Veterinary Preventive Medicine



  8. Show me the numbers
    Integrating information from various sources for breed health strategies
    Sofia Malm, PhD
    Geneticist, the Swedish Kennel Club



  9. Harmonization for Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD)
    Aimee Llewellyn, Project Director | Dr. Brenda Bonnett, CEO IPFD
    IPFD's Harmonization for Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD) is a collaborative open access online resource with two major components:
     The Quality Testing Database  Genetic Counselling resource The goal is to provide guidance on Commercial Test Providers ((CTPs), e.g. laboratories), quality assurance, and genetic test reliability and application.



  10. The Intersection of Welfare and Behaviour in Dogs and Relation to Health and Breeding
    Paula Boyden BVetMedMRCVS
    Dogs Trust



  11. International Efforts
    Dr. Brenda Bonnett, DVM, PhD; CEO IPFD



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    Pre/ Post-meeting resources
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