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In this section we will focus on issues with an impact on dog welfare, linking to policies and approaches from around the world. Many of these topics will intersect with Health and Breeding, Research and other topics on Specifically, we will look at welfare issues related to the breeding and distribution of purposely bred dogs, issues and legislation related to health and welfare and human-animal interactions. In this section, the focus will be on evidence and approaches; there will be overlap or links with the Education section.


  1. Welfare and Health

    Although often seen as two different disciplines, themes, or topics, there is an increasing realization that very frequently issues of disease (dis-ease, in the broadest sense) have an impact on the welfare of the animal. Certainly, many animal welfare challenges can directly impact the health and physical, behavioral, and overall well-being of an animal.
  2. Sourcing and Commercial Breeding

    This section on Sourcing and Commercial Breeding addresses issues related to production and distribution of puppies
    and is organized under the following sub-categories.

    * Check out the Subcategories (below) and Articles (further below).*

  3. Dog-Specific Legislation and Programs

    This section will be developed under four main headings:

    1. Country-specific legislation - Welfare Laws
    2. Dog Identification:
    3. Dangerous Dog Legislation:
    4. Transportation of Dogs | Pets:
  4. Human-Dog Interactions

    In this section, we look at how attitudes and factors related to human-dog interactions impact health, well-being and welfare of dogs.

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