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Dog-Specific Legislation and Programs

This section will be developed under four main headings:

  1. Country-specific legislation - Welfare Laws
  2. Dog Identification:
  3. Dangerous Dog Legislation:
  4. Transportation of Dogs | Pets:


  1. Dog Identification

    Here we examine programs and information about microchipping and other forms of dog identification. Permanent identification of dogs, and having that information in an available resource / registry is considered a key component of effective animal control, and is also important in breeding registries. In spite of advances in micro-chipping, this remains an area of challenge. Recent developments in DNA profiling have resulted in organizations putting this forward for more accurate identification of dogs. However, are the limitations and challenges in all identification and registration strategies due to technical and practical concerns, or do human factors play a major role?
  2. Dangerous Dog Legislation

    This section focuses on legislation addressing dog bites, dangerous dogs, and breed-specific legislation in various jurisdictions around the world. Often legislation aimed at dangerous dogs is breed-specific in nature. In spite of many veterinary and other groups coming out strongly against breed-specific legislation and little record of success, it seems that many localities and governments enact such regulations. It is hoped that better sharing and communication on this subject might prevent redundancy of efforts.
  3. Transport of Dogs | Pets

    In this section we present information on issues of breeds and breeding, in general, and present information and links to information about specific breeds. Laws are in place - and being revisited - to monitor and control the transport of dogs. This is an important issue in the European Union, where trade issues across countries are so important. However, enforcement and monitoring is a challenge. Issues of transport are often inter-related to those of welfare and sourcing, including commercial breeding. These latter issues are primarily covered under those headings.
  4. Country-specific legislation - Welfare Laws

    This category will contain articles pertaining to creation and implementation challenges of welfare based laws and legislation - proposed or in place in specific counties

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