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In this section we focus on resources, approaches and events focused on education related to health, well-being and welfare in dogs. Education programs and events often have more than one target group or topic, but we present the material as follows.

* Check out the Subcategories (below) and Articles (further below).*


  1. Education for Judges

    Health and well being of breeds is tied to systems by which the potential of individual dogs to serve future generations as breeding stock is identified and managed. Judges opinions are sought and a value is placed upon judge evaluations.
  2. Education for Youth

    Education of the general public about health and welfare issues and about the joys and responsibilities of pet-ownership is a priority for many stakeholders in dog health. An increasing focus is on education of children about the joys, rights and responsibilities of pet ownership.

    In this section we will link to many programs and resources that are available for information and to help anyone planning to design similar programmes in their country, city or area.
  3. Education for Veterinary Professionals

    This section has material relevant to veterinarians, veterinary students and other health care professionals. Includes material from our IPFD Student Projects.
  4. Education of Consumers and the Public

    In this section we will share information, material and links relevant to the education of consumers and the public, in the broadest sense. Our partners will profile events that they have organized. Others planning similar events will find contact information to those with experience and expertise. Education of consumers (dog owners and those considering acquisition of a dog) and the public, may be divided into two categories.
  5. Education of Breeders

    Here, we provide information on educational programs and resources for breeders and breed clubs.

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