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Theme Resources -- IPFD 3rd International Dog Health Workshop --

This section contains resources for Themes of breakout sessions to be covered in IPFD's 3rd International Dog Health Workshop held in Paris April 2017


  1. Breed-Specific Health Strategies: By breed, nationally and internationally.

    Materials and resources related to the 3rd IDHW Theme: Breed-Specific Health Strategies; national and international needs, challenges, innovations, tools.
  2. Exaggerations and Extremes in Dog Conformation

    Resources and material for 3rd IDHW Theme: Latest international developments; health, welfare and implications for breeding.
  3. IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs Initiative

    Resources and materials for the 3rd IDHW Theme: IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing in Dogs / Selection, evaluation and application of genetic testing
  4. Education and Communication

    Resources and material for 3rd IDHW Theme: innovative education and communication within and across stakeholder groups; theme topic Antimicrobial Resistance
  5. Behaviour and Welfare

    Materials and resources for 3rd IDHW Theme: important issues where behaviour and welfare intersect (especially those that also relate to health and breeding)
  6. Show me the Numbers

    Resources and material for 3rd IDHW Theme: Sources and appropriate use of data on prevalence, breed-specific risks and population level statistics

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