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  1. Veterinary Practice article: London Vet Show presentation

    Veterinary Practice (UK) article:
    Two paws forward, one paw back…
    see coverage of a 2016 London Vet Show session on the progress being made to enhance the welfare of pedigree dogs.

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  2. Genetics of the Dog - 2nd edition

    The Genetics of the Dog, 2nd Edition
    Edited by
    Elaine A. Ostrander
    National Human Genome Research Institute
    National Institutes of Health
    Anatoly Ruvinsky
    University of New England

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  3. IPFD - 2016 Presentation to Health Committee Chairs

    This talk was delivered on 23 Sept 2016 to the Breed Health Coordinators of The KC in Southam, UK.
    Thank you to The KC for the opportunity to talk to this group of experts.

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  4. Finnish Kennel Club Breeding and Health in Focus

    A presentation prepared by Kirsi Sainio for The International Working Group's 10th annual Bernese Mountain Dog Health Symposium held in Finland on August 30, 2015.
    Author: Kirstin Sainio
    This document outlines the Finnish Kennel Club's approach to health and welfare, club programs and management of breeds. Kennel Club history, through today's operations, organization structure and implementation of a focus on improving breed's health are discussed. Tools for breeders are available such as the breed database which provides access to health information for Bernese Mountain Dogs as well as all registered breeds.
    If you've ever wondered what the FKC is about, this document provides an excellent overview.



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