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Additional Breed Resources

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    Breed Names

    This file in our Downloads section contains a list of breeds as each is identified in different languages: Swedish, English, FCI names, German, French and Spanish.



    Breed Population Analysis -- UK - The Kennel Club

    Breed Population Analyses: Recognising the importance of managing the rate of inbreeding, the Kennel Club's Population analysis reports allow breeders to review the unique situation for each breed.


    Breeds with summaries of Swedish KC, Finnish KC or Norwegian KC Breeding Strategies

    August 2017

    DogWellNet Downloads Links – Breed-specific Breeding Strategy English RAS/JTO Summaries and RAS/JTO templates


    Breeds with Swedish Insurance Data

    In this article, we provide details on Swedish Insurance Data available for various dog breeds from Agria Animal Insurance, including descriptions/background information, Updates and information on Veterinary Care Events (VCEs), and Mortality Data. 



    IPFD Partner Breed Resources

    A collection of resources for breeds and breed health available from IPFD and our Partner organizations.


    IPFD Partner YouTube Resources

    In this article, we provide links to our Partners' YouTube channels and videos of particular interest to the DogWellNet Community. These videos may cover topics such as behavior testing, breed specific evaluations, tools for education, and explanations of health related programs.



    SCC -- Lutte Contre Les Hypertypes "Guide Des Bonnes Pratiques"

    scchypertypesimage.pngIn French, this document is a guide for judges - lists breed specific concerns stemming from hypertype characteristics present in breeds.





    The Kennel Club DNA Tests - All Breeds

    Here we are featuring The Kennel Club's list of Breed Specific DNA tests which can be utilized by breeders to accurately identify clear, carrier and affected dogs.