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BOOK: Standards, Santé et Génétique Chez le Chien | Standards, Health and Genetics in the Dog

    Brief Description 

    Health problems and hypertypes currently present in dog breeds are taken very seriously by the authorities. The book,  Standards, Health and Genetics in the Dog. was created by the  Société Centrale Canine (SCC) in collaboration with the Fédération Cynophile Internationale (F.C.I.) and the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). This work includes contributions by veterinarians, researchers, and dog-theorists who offer insights into breed standards as well as the incredible advances in molecular genetics and how new data from the world of dogs can be applied in service to canine and human health and well-being.

    Under the direction of Claude Guintard and Grégoire Leroy, the publication was presented as a tribute to Mrs. René Sporre-Willes and Mr. Raymond Triquet, longstanding chairs of the F.C.I.'s the Standards Commission, at the Third IPFD Dog Health Workshop held in Paris from April 21 to 23, 2017.

    The 396 pages of the book include 20 texts distributed in two large chapters.

    Chapters of the book in English and in French are available.

    Go to DOWNLOADS to access the material.


    BOOK: Standards, santé et génétique chez le chien | Standards, Health and Genetics in the Dog

    - 396 pages -
    ISBN: 978274669-673-0

    The book is not commercially available at this time.
    Where might you find this book?  
    Publishing house: Société Centrale Canine -- 155 avenue Jean Jaurès / 93535 AUBERVILLIERS Cedex




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