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Research can be loosely described as the collection of information about a particular subject. More often it is used to denote designed investigations of, say, health or disease. However, investigations, studies and surveys occur across a spectrum of, e.g., topics and approaches, scope and rigour, and the results must be understood within the context and quality of the work. We have come to realize that an Evidence-Based approach is what is needed, i.e., available information / reports are appropriately evaluated and the results are interpreted and applied with consideration of the strength of the evidence provided and in light of a baseline of knowledge and experience. We will add sub-categories (see below) for example, 1) Clinical Trials, 2) Breed, 3) Disease as we go.


  1. Peer-Reviewed Research

    This section focuses on completed work that is reported in journals with a formal evaluation process.
  2. Other Research

    This section will include articles and reports not published in refereed Scientific journals.
  3. Research Projects

    In this section we link to ongoing research projects of interest and relevance to dog breeding. These may relate to specific conditions, e.g. inherited conditions, or which focus on innovative approaches or population studies. In addition, we will link to research institutes and profile partnerships between researchers and breed clubs. Eventually, we hope to describe models of research partnerships and help connect dog breeders and researchers.

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