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Native Breeds

Information and links to Native Breeds by Country

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    Native Breeds of ??

    This country has 5 native breeds.... do you know from which country these beautiful dogs come?


        ...  Why not scroll through them all before clicking the links?



    Native Breeds of Finland

    Information on Finland's native breeds:


    Native Breeds of Norway

    There are seven native dog breeds of Norway.

    DWN Breed pages:


    The breeds traditionally served farmers in their daily work, mainly as hunting and herding dogs. Today these dogs are kept for multiple purposes, serving as family dogs, show dogs, agility dogs – and of course the dogs are still used for hunting and herding.


    Native Breeds of Sweden

    Sweden has eleven national breeds and shares a twelfth with Denmark.

    Eight of the Swedish breeds are fully recognised  by  the Fedération  Cynologique  Internationale (F.C.I.).
    The Danish-Swedish Farm dog gained preliminary recognition in 2008 and is included in F.C.I. Group 2 (Pinscher, molossers and Mountain and Cattle Dogs). The Swedish hunting spitzes and herders in Group 5 (Spitz and primitive types) that are recognised by the F.C.I. are the: Swedish Lapphund, Norrbottenspets, Jämthund, and Swedish Vallhund. Two  other  hunting  spitzes, the  Swedish White Elkhound and Hälleforshund, and the Gotlandsstövare,  a hound, are only recognised in Sweden. The Schillerstövare, Hamiltonstövare, Smålandsstövare and Drever are members of F.C.I. Group 6 (Driving dogs and search and sniffer dogs).