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Population Data on Dogs, Health and Disease

Here we focus on the data that is needed to underpin decisions on health and breeding, i.e. data enumerating and describing dog populations, in general, as well as, the occurrence of disease in dog populations, breed populations, etc.


  1. Sources of Population Data

    This section focuses on information available from various sources to assist in understanding and quantifying the numbers of dogs and their experiences of health and disease.
  2. General Principles

    Within this section we will post information and links to material about the need, challenges and sources of population data.
  3. Breed Club Health Surveys

    In this section, we provide focus on general principles for breed health surveys and links to clubs/sites reporting health surveys for various breeds.
  4. Disease | Condition-Specific Articles

    In this section, we link to articles, reports and summaries - organized by disease, condition or breed gathered from sources other than "research'.

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