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  • HSDD Logo BW-01.pngHSDD GOAL: The Health Strategies Database for Dogs (HSDD) is a searchable resource that includes breed-specific health/mentality testing requirements and recommendations established by Health Strategy Providers (HSPs) including kennel clubs, breed clubs, veterinary organizations, and others. View Press Release

    Coupled with information available on genetic tests available in the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD) database, the HSDD resource gives owners, breeders, and those counseling them easy access to the ‘Big Picture’ for breeds - so that all relevant conditions are considered.

    SUBMIT CONTENT FOR THE HSDD: Does your kennel/breed club or canine/veterinary organization have resources to share with our global community? Please contact us!

    Note: IPFD cannot be held responsible for inaccurate content or any outcome from the use of information or resources found on this site.
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