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  • dogterrier.jpgCollaboration, cooperation, and collective ACTIONS!

    The IPFD's Health Strategies Database (HSDD) is designed to provide an interactive resource by breed and condition for all diseases/conditions considered important in health strategies from international and local kennel clubs and breed organizations. The goal is to present the Big Picture of health and welfare within breeds by offering resources for those who want to understand the key issues for individual dogs and breed populations, internationally.

    Breed-specific information, health reports and articles can be found throughout the DogWellNet website, including the Pedigree Breeds DB Breed listings, Additional Breed Resources and under the Breed-specific Health Reports category along with IPFD's HGTD.


    If you are interested in seeing your club's/organization's resources listed for a breed or breeds, please contact us.


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  • IPFD Breeds Database

    The IPFD Breeds Database includes basic breed information as well as videos, standards, health strategies and data, populations data, links to national and international breed clubs, and more. Material collected and curated by IPFD Team experts and, wherever available, submitted by collaborating breed clubs. More collaborators very welcome! Contact us at to participate.


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