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Did you find our content interesting or helpful? Help support the IPFD enhance health, well-being and welfare for dogs everywhere.

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International Partnership for Dogs - Enhancing Dog Health, Well-Being, and Welfare - Join Us
  • ~ Invitation - Breed Experts | Health Committee Members ~

      See the September 2016 IPFD Presentation to the Kennel Club's Breed Health Coordinators 2.45 MB · 0 downloads

      IPFD_Presentation to KC BHCs Sept 2016_post meeting notes_for DWN-web.pdf


      Are you involved in a dog club for your breed?

      Would you like to share information from your kennel club, breed club or country with

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      Next Steps:  Contact us if you want to actively participate in providing content.

      • How?   Contact us at
      • Who?  We are especially keen to connect with Breed Club or other Health Committee representatives or others looking at health and breeding issues.  
      • Why?  Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of expertise and resources and to profile the good work done being done throughout the dog world with the focus on 'Sharing and Caring for Dogs'.  
      • What?  Have a look through information in the Pedigree Dogs database, e.g. check out the Irish Wolfhound to see the type of information we are trying to build.  Do you have breed-specific information to share - links, health surveys, seminar presentations, breed management strategies (e.g. RAS and JTO), research papers or projects, etc. etc. 


      A key goal of is to promote and facilitate international collaboration. Our purpose is to provide expert commentary and guidance in interpretation and use of information pertaining to dog health and welfare topics and issues.

      JOIN US!  to collaborate with the global dog world on - the web platform of the International Partnership for Dogs - as we work to enhance the health, well-being and welfare of dogs.


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