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  • ~ Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs ~

    One of IPFD's major and signature developments.

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      The Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs Initiative

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      About the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD)


      One of the major IPFD projects, the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD) arose from discussions at the International Dog Health Workshops (IDHWs); the HGTD is a proud achievement, exemplifying the IDHW’s tagline: From Information and Collaboration to Action!


      ipfdhgtdsearchboxes.pngThe goal of the HGTD is to improve standardization of, and access to, robust genetic testing to support health improvements and a sustainable future for healthy dogs. It is a portal for information on Genetic Testing Providers (labs); genetic tests, and tests by breed. There are two major components: the Quality Testing Database and Genetic Counselling resources. Information pertaining to genetic testing including genetic terms, FAQ's, accreditation, guidelines, standards and more is available HERE.

      As of January 2020, the HGTD Database now includes 76 academic and commercial genetic test providers (GTPs) in 22 countries. The database currently includes information on accreditation and tests for 42 collaborating GTPs; 37 non-participating GTPs are also listed.

      Our searchable genetic phenes database currently holds information on 300+ phenes across all breeds/types, and provides a plethora of information on each phene: links to OMIA, gene + mutations, a simple and advanced disease description, inheritance details, links to original publications, patents/licenses, comments from the original researchers/experts on application, and breed specific information (such as research/validation) - where possible. 


      dna.pngGo to the HGTD!



      Our HGTD projects moving forward in 2021...

      • Expanding engagement of GTPs,ipfdhgtddnastrand.png
      • Integration of Expert Panels,
      • Health Strategies Database (HSDD), and the Get a GRIHP Program) to enhance breed-specific information and outputs

      We are pleased that we continue to have sponsorship and support from many of our key Leadership Sponsors to develop our work for 2020. We would welcome anyone with an interest in contributing to, or participating in, the HGTD project to contact us. We are particularly keen to engage with academic and research institutions providing testing, who are concerned about ensuring genetic testing is a beneficial and responsible resource. 

      mail-icon.png Contacts:  IPFD Veterinary Science Officer or Project Director



      HGTD & Genetic Testing A group blog by IPFD's Genetic Testing Team

      In this article we present a collection of links and excerpts from media coverage of IPFD's Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs initiative. We will be adding more content as media articles are published.



      ALSO: See the HGTD summary article for Additional Information: HGTD Rationale and Background




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