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IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs: Initiative Description

    Harmonization for Genetic Testing in Dogs - ONLINENEWS: October 3, 2018:

    IPFD submission responding to “Pet genomics medicine runs wild” published in Nature


    NEWS: July 26, 2018:

    IPFD comments on recent articles by Nature, WBUR, & Science, which explore the challenges related to genetic testing in pets


    NEWS: June 13, 2018:

    Update on the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD)


    NEWS: May 8, 2018:

    View HGTD Press Release


    NEWS: APRIL 20, 2018:




    IPFD is overseeing a multi-stakeholder, collaborative effort to create an open access, sustainable online resource that will:

    • Catalog information provided voluntarily from genetic test providers (GTPs) for genetic testing (GT) in dogs.  
    • Describe expertise, quality assurance, activities and resources; host expert panel reviews of genetic tests;
    • Coordinate a program for standardized proficiency testing and potentially peer review and audit;
    • Collate/assemble existing and new resources for genetic counselling and education; and provide the foundation for further developments.

    Our Steering Committee includes: Brenda Bonnett, CEO, IPFD; Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi, Harmonization Project Director, IPFD; Diane Brown, AKC Canine Health Foundation; Matthew Breen, North Carolina State University; Cathryn Mellersh, Animal Health Trust; Sofia Malm, Swedish Kennel Club; Wim van Haeringen, VHL Genetics, Netherlands; Sue Pearce-Kelling, Optigen; and Eddie Dzuik; Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). IPFD, our Partners and other stakeholders in this initiative recognize the input and work of many other experts and organizations in addressing the use of DNA tests in dogs. The Harmonization initiative is working to further engage numerous experts to participate in panels to develop the resource, provide evaluation of tests and work to advance genetic counseling.

    IPFD has actively engaged Leadership Sponsors (see below) to help develop the HGTD Quality Database. These collaborators include international genetic test providers (GTPs), academic institutions, the Hereditary Disease Committee of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association and other important dog health organizations.

    A prototype was presented at the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop and at the 9th Canine and Feline Genetics and Genomics meeting in Minnesota, May 2017. Information has been provided by participating GTPs, and the Quality Database is in beta testing.  The resource will be available to the public in early 2018.


    Key Partners and Leadership Sponsors:

    Read more about IPFD Partners and Sponsors


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    Other potential sponsors and collaborators are welcome to contact us to explore opportunities.

    Contact:    IPFD CEO Brenda.Bonnett@ipfdogs.com or Project Director Aimee.Llewellyn-Zaidi@ipfdogs.com



    “Wisdom Health and the Wisdom Health logo are trademarks of Mars, Incorporated and its affiliates.  Used with permission.”




    Executive Summary

    • There is currently no accreditation or standardization for genetic (DNA) testing for companion animals, and formal, international regulation/ oversight is unlikely.
    • There are increasing numbers of Genetic Test Providers (GTPs) offering a myriad of tests with reports of irregular and even suspected fraudulent activities.
    • There is a dire need for a collaborative international effort in determining the overall quality of commercial entities undertaking genetic testing in dogs, and of the specific tests/products they are offering. This is needed to:
      • Support consumers and confidence in DNA testing.
      • Support breeding practices to limit inherited disease and promote healthy offspring.
      • Further the scientific understanding of inherited diseases.
      • Reduce redundant efforts worldwide.
    • The International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) is an independent, non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization; their web platform is DogWellNet.com.  IPFD has existed since August 2014 and an ongoing priority has been to address challenges in genetic testing; to help disseminate information and evidence to support breeding decisions; all with the goal of enhancing the health and welfare of dogs. IPFD, through the continued financial and in-kind commitment of its Partners, has not only built the online infrastructure for the initiative described herein, but has also built the collaborative relationships, trust and interest of the many stakeholders who will help create and use this resource e.g., kennel clubs, breed clubs, veterinarians, scientists, genetic advisors, breeders, the pet industry, as well as GeneticTest Providers (GTPs).
    • It is proposed that the IPFD oversee the creation of an open access, sustainable online resource that will catalog information provided voluntarily from GTPs for genetic testing (GT) in dogs. This online resource will  describe expertise, quality assurance, activities and resources; host expert panel reviews of genetic tests; coordinate a program for standardized proficiency testing and potentially peer review and audit; collate/assemble existing and new resources for genetic counselling and education; and provide the foundation for further developments. IPFD, our Partners and other stakeholders in this initiative recognize great work and resources currently available (e.g., WSAVA Inherited Disease Committee Database). We welcome collaboration with other organizations and groups that share the goal of improving the appropriate use of genetic testing for dogs.
    • In addition to the IPFD and its partner organizations (including numerous national kennel clubs), specific financial and in-kind support for this prototype initiative is being provided by Leadership Sponsors, such as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, USA; the AKC Canine Health Foundation; numerous GTPs, academic institutions and corporate collaborators.   
    • Funding is being solicited from various stakeholders, to provide a robust service at minimal investment per stakeholder. 
    • Discussions among experts from numerous stakeholders have occurred over the last few years (e.g., at two previous International Dog Health Workshops and Canine and Feline Genome meetings). Parameters have been identified that are needed for this resource and are similar to those being used in a similar resource for human genetic testing (Eurogentest). Therefore, it is possible to move ahead in a timely fashion
    • The prototype and first two years of the project will be supported by the IPFD and other sponsors. It is envisioned that the quality assessment database will be self-sustaining as GTPs pay a participation fee for ongoing presence in the database in the future.


    2017  (all successfully completed):

    • A steering committee was been struck, and numerous teleconferences were held during the year.
    • Engaged specific commitments from 17 leadership GTPs  to share data.
    • Procured initial funding from Leadership Sponsors, IPFD Partners and others. 
    • Presented project/prototype to stakeholders at 3rd IDHW (April 21-23, 2017) for discussion and further engagement.  During the breakout session for this Theme, 35 participants from numerous stakeholder groups participated in discussions on the prototype and on how to move forward on this international collaboration.
    • Presented revised prototype at The 9th International Conference on Canine and Feline Genetics and Genomics (May 21-24, 2017).
    • Expanded outreach to AKC/US Parent Clubs (AKC-CHF meeting August 2017); WSAVA conference and DVSA Outreach Symposium, Copenhagen, Sept. 2017; and Breed Health Symposium 2017, for The Kennel Club; October 2017
    • Initiated the Quality Database online (access for Partners, Sponsors and GTPs) December 2017 including actual data from leadership sponsor GTPs and resources identified and assembled for easy access by consumers.


    • Beta testing of Quality Database by GTPs, IPFD Partners and others (January).
    • Continued refinement of data and input from current GTPs.
    • Launch current database live to public (view 08 May 2018 Press Release); continue to welcome input for further development.
    • Invite (all) other GTPs to join the initiative and submit their data (starting from April 2018).
    • Continue to expand genetic counseling resources.


    Contact:   IPFD CEO Brenda.Bonnett@ipfdogs.com

    or Project Director Aimee.Llewellyn-Zaidi@ipfdogs.com



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