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December 2018 Update on the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD)


    A year-end update on the immense progress we've made in the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD) in 2018 and our plans for 2019:


    harmonization-of-genetic-testing-for-dogs-2-12-2018.pngThe Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs database currently holds basic information for 59 genetic test providers across 17 countries, with information on quality measures and accreditation for 26 active and participating test providers - including non-profits, academic institutions, and for-profits. This open-access resource allows users to independently compare and review different genetic test providers to determine the best option for themselves. We also provide general information and guides to what accreditation is available, what it means, and some suggestions for what to consider when choosing a test provider, as well as "how to" videos and other educational resources

    In addition, we have a fantastic source of information in our genetic phenes database. This searchable database holds information on 300+ phenes across all breeds/types, and provides a plethora of information on each phene: links to OMIA, gene + mutations, a simple and advanced disease description, inheritance details, links to original publications, patents/licenses, comments from the original researchers/experts on application, and breed specific information (such as research/validation) - where possible. 



    Our projects moving forward in 2019 are to continue to engage with researchers, veterinary experts, and test providers, and also to focus on the development of an expert panel for reviewing genetic testing resources, as well as interactive educational tools for consumers. In addition, we are looking for collaboration to address some common problems across genetic testing, such as nomenclature of genetic tests - which has been a significant challenge in harmonizing across international researchers and test developers. 

    The growth and development over 2018, and the positive interest from diverse professional and public media - from JAVMA to The Atlantic -  has been reassuring that this project is both timely and needed in the world of genetic testing.

    We are pleased that we continue to have sponsorship and support from many of our key Leadership Sponsors to develop our work for 2019. We would welcome anyone with an interest in contributing to, or participating in, the HGTD project to contact us. We are particularly keen to engage with academic and research institutions providing testing, who are concerned about ensuring genetic testing is a beneficial and responsible resource. 


    HGTD Quick Links:

    Main HGTD Resources Page

    HGTD Initiative Description

    HGTD In the News


    HGTD Contacts:

    IPFD CEO, Dr. Brenda Bonnett or HGTD Project Director, Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi


Edited by Dave St. Louis

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