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HGTD Genetic Counseling - Genetics Articles

Articles offer perspectives on genetic management of dog populations.

  • DNA testing
  • Breed health management strategies development 

3 files

  1. Whole genome sequence, SNP chips and pedigree structure: Building demographic profiles in domestic dog breeds to optimize genetic trait mapping

    Two files are available:
    Whole genome sequence, SNP chips and pedigree structure: Building demographic profiles in domestic dog breeds to optimize genetic trait mapping Genomic Analyses Reveal the Influence of Geographic Origin, Migration, and Hybridization on Modern Dog Breed Development In Brief
    "The domestic dog is divided into hundreds of island-like populations called breeds. Parker et al. examine 161 breeds and show that they were developed through division and admixture. The analyses define clades, estimate admixture dates, distinguish geographically diverse populations, and help determine the source of shared mutations among diverse populations."
    "By combining genetic distance relationships with patterns of haplotype sharing, we can now elucidate the complex makeup of modern dogs breeds and guide the search for genetic variants important to canine breed development, morphology, behavior, and disease."


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  2. Eliminating Mutation - The Impossible Dream - Dr. Armstrong

    "Though it is not practical to eliminate all deleterious mutation, the incidence of affected individuals may be significantly reduced through a combination of intelligent breeding practice and the
    development of DNA tests."
    © John B. Armstrong, University of Ottawa, Oct. 1999


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  3. Genetic Testing and Genetic Counseling in Pet and Breeding Dogs

    With so many new developments in the study of canine genetics we find owners, breeders and breed clubs engaged in exploration of best management practices and making decisions to 'improve' individual dog's and breed's health based upon results of genetic tests and evaluations. This article is a starting point for consideration of what genetic counseling is - who needs it, and when and how is it delivered.
    World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2010
    Jerold S. Bell, DVM
    North Grafton, MA, USA
    "Breeders should be counseled on how to utilize test results for the best interests of the breed."
    Original Source:


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