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Breed-Specific Breeding Strategies

Breed and kennel clubs are continually working to assess and address the health of dogs. Breed-specific approaches are at the heart of this work. In some countries, through the national kennel club, there are mandated activities related to describing the health and well-being of a breed, defining and reporting on health concerns (including behavior/temperament) and designing and monitoring health programs. These programs are often enacted by national breed clubs. This section is divided into programs by country and by individual breed clubs.


  1. Breed-Specific Programs | Country

    Many national kennel clubs, other cynological organizations (e.g. breed clubs) have developed guidelines, approaches or programs to describe and evaluate the health of specific breeds; outline guidelines or regulations for screening tests or other assessments on potential breeding dogs; and raise awareness about issues in a given breed. These programs take different forms in different countries. In this section we will provide information on various approaches and programs and direct you to online resources.
  2. Breeding Strategies: by Breed

    This section contains information on breeding programs and specific approaches, organized by breed.
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